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​My technical background in Planning, Design, Project Management, Marketing, and Business Development allows us to leverage your experience in the marketing and sales process; giving you the unique ability to relate to your technical team so they can develop new skills in positioning your firm and its services.  I work with the Senior Leadership and the staff to create happy, engaged, and more productive employees who are involved in the marketing and sales of your firm.

See a sample of some of our more  recent assignments:

Project |01


Project |01 Team Resources and New Business

Getting teams to work together effectively is so important.   Through the use of a variety of assessments, marketing plans, business development tactics, and leadership profiles; the marketing and communications team was aligned with the senior leadership to grow and expand the firm.  Services include team building, marketing strategy, new business development tools, account planning, presentation coaching, proposal development, staff training, public relations integration, and recruiting.

Project |02


Project |02 Teambuilding and Mindfulness

Empowering staff to perform better is critical to serving clients.   Using a unique combination of guided meditations, self-exploratory exercises, and proven mindfulness techniques, the program helped the group overcome blocks that prevented them from performing at their best.  This full-day workshop transformed the limiting beliefs and empowered the team to embrace both the challenges and the opportunities that arise in their business.


Project |03


Project |03 Coaching and Presentations
Presentation skills and personal coaching sessions were provided to address the unique needs of the organization. Each class was created to equip the team with presentation skills and tools.  Classes were as large as 40 people, as well as, one one-on-one. Brown bag ‘lunch and learns’ were also given to assist the staff in developing and maintaining relationships, ‘working a room’, and networking.   For key ‘must-win’ pursuits, a specific coaching plan was developed to focus specifically on the assignment and how to secure the contract. 

Just a sample of our work.  Call us so we can help>>
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